The Trans March on Friday June 25 was amazing.  Cold, but amazing. 
At last month's meeting, several members of the EBTC and distinguished visitors read aloud from the anthology, "Balancing on the Mechitza:  Transgender in Jewish Community."  We also learned about a new research project about transgender Jews.  The information is posted below.
To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Abi Weissman and I am a clinical psychology graduate student at Argosy University, San Francisco Bay Area. I request your agency to participate in my dissertation project pertaining to the transgender Jewish communities as your agency provides services to these specific populations.

In this study, Transgender Jews: A Psychological Phenomenological Inquiry, I intend to interview transgender Jews in order to better understand the psychological and community needs of transgender Jews. In doing this study, I hope to increase an interest and awareness towards the psychological, mental health, and community needs of transgender Jews in a manner that honors the beliefs and experiences of transgender Jews.

If you choose to participate, and I hope that you do, I ask that you disseminate flyers attached below providing a brief description, inclusion criteria and necessary activities of the study. This letter may be disseminated to any member identifying with the transgender Jewish community including patients/clients and/or members of your staff. Please note further that this study involves all individuals participating in the study to meet me in person, which they are notified of in the attached letter and will be again be reminded of during the informed consent process.

If you would not like your agency to participate, I would greatly appreciate your assistance in informing other agencies serving the transgender and / or Jewish community. I am grateful for your support in assisting me with partial fulfillment of my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology under the supervision of Dr. Andrea Morrison. If you have any questions about this study please email me at:



Abigail “Abi” Weissman, MA
Doctoral Candidate, Clinical Psychology
Argosy University, San Francisco Bay Area
The seder on Sunday 4 April was an incredible success.  Nine people around the table, the leader was inclusive and tender, the teaching from all around the table was an inspiration, the story was retold, the questions were asked, the afikomman was hidden and found, the wine was drunk, and our stories and transgender theology were woven together with the stories of our people.  Even the quietest and most Jewishly alienated among us volunteered gifts of the spirit to our gathering.  It was awesome, trans-sacredness.  Thank you one and all for an evening I will never forget.